Find peace and quiet & Completely rejuvenate...

Moments where you’ll forget the time,
A place where you can completely be yourself,

Where you can switch off between pool, spa, sauna, massages and beauty treatments,

Where you will be pampered from head to toe...

Heated swimming pool

Heated June - September
Free access

Outdoor spa

Heated June - September
Free access

Indoor spa or sauna

Open October - May
By privatization 20€/pers. 1:00 a.m.


Relaxing Massage

Relaxing and tissue massage that relieves tension.
95€ - 50min
Dieulefit Hot Ceramics Massage

Combines warmth and depth for total relaxation.
95€ - 50min

Tibetan massage

Deep massage that stimulates energy points and relaxes muscles in depth.
120€ - 60min

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Uses the properties of oils and acts on vital energy; allowing relaxation and revitalization of the whole body.
120€ - 60min

Benefits of massages and body and mind treatments:

Our massages offer you the best of traditional practices from the East and the West. In the cocooning atmosphere of our furnished rooms, or outdoors, you will let go at the contact of our qualified practitioners’ expert hands.




Treatment with precious vegetable oils

Deep cleansing & oxygenation of the skin
Jade stone massage
95€ - 60min

Organic drôme rose treatment

Hydrate, regenerate, anti-aging, antioxidant
Dry, mature, sensitive skin
85€ - 60min


Purifying treatment

Purifies and reduces imperfections
All skin types
75€ - 60min

Hydra-Pro treatment

Hydrates, nourishes and plumps the skin
Dry, mature skin
75€ - 60min

Peeling-glycolic anti-aging treatment

Regenerates, revitalizes, unifies the complexion
Mature skin
120€ - 75min


Simple manicure


Manicure + nail polish


Manicure/semi-permanent nail polish